Our 3-Fold Purpose:

    1. To support, build, expand, and/or multiply children’s homes and orphanages across Indonesia that will house, clothe, feed, educate and care for homeless, displaced, poor, and/or parentless children.
    2. To partner with churches, organizations, companies, groups and individuals to help us provide necessities for the homes, the children and the staff who care for them.
       3.  To lead teams that go and assist the work with construction, repair, expansion, medical/dental, children’s activities, and essentials (clothing, school supplies, recreational equipment, etc).

      *Below are images taken from last year's trip, spending precious time with our partners at Getsemani Baptist Church in Jakarta, our Hope of Nations children's home in Sumatra, and House of Joy in Kupang, West Timor-

Please be in prayer for our 2018 team, as they make final preparations to return to Indonesia!
They will be furthering some renovation projects at House of Joy, and beginning some mission/relief work among homeless communities in Jakarta, and refugee resettlement communities in Kupang.